5 Things to Consider Before Getting Your First Apartment


Moving out of home and into your first apartment is very exciting. It’s also a big change. There are many things to think about to make sure that it is as seamless a transition as it can be.

Here are some important considerations before you begin the process of relocating to an apartment. Thinking it about it now, as opposed to later, can save you time, money, and frustration. They are as follows:

1. Upfront costs of an apartment

It’s just rent, right?

Would that it might. It is costly just to get moved into the apartment. There are security deposits, application fees, and many times you will have to pay the rent in advance. Budget for a few months’ worth of rent in advance so you can cover the upfront fees.

2. Long-term costs of apartments

Now, is it just rent?

Nope. You will likely have to pay utility fees. These will include heat, gas, internet, and electricity. Depending on your building, they may be included in the rent, but there can exist a separate fee in some cases, just so you are aware. Many landlords will also require renter’s insurance. Now, renter’s insurance is not a huge fee, but keep in mind that it may be an extra cost that you may not be considering.

You might make enough to cover rent, but there is also the cost of living. Some are directly related to the apartment, others are not. You will also be paying for groceries, all expenses for transportation, and other small purchases that can add up. The rule is that your rent should be no more than a third of your income. Some landlords won’t rent if you make less than that.

3. What You Will Need to rent an apartment

Furnishing a brand-new apartment is one of the more exciting parts, and you’re probably full of thoughts about how you want your apartment to look. Before you go crazy decorating, make sure that you have the basics. Table(s), a couch, bed, etc.

4. What You Won’t Need for an apartment

You may be tempted to take everything you have collected with you, but you won’t want your apartment feeling cluttered when you first move in. Trash always accumulates. Therefore, our other recommendation will be to stay on top of it. Your apartment may feel big right now, but clutter will quickly decrease its size and homey feel.

Have a candid conversation with yourself about whether you are hanging onto things past their prime or if they are actually of some kind of use to you. It’s a tough conversation, but you will be glad you had it.

5. Prioritize 

You are an adult now, which means that you will have more responsibilities than you likely had when you were growing up. With that freedom, more is going to rest on your personal judgement. You can choose to do things so long as they get done by the deadline. Which is very freeing. Don’t let this become stressful. Establish your priorities right now so that when you commit to moving into your apartment and it is final, things don’t get out of control. Take care of your business first, and then play. Trust us, it is more rewarding when you do.

These are our main tips for things to do before renting your apartment. More tips will be along the way. Until then, be sure to use the time wisely and begin to implement our advice. You will be glad you did!