Our Tips when Looking for an Apartment Our Tips when Looking for an Apartment


Living at home after college is not an option for many people. Some even just are ready to start living on their own. If you are to the point when you are looking for your own place, then you have arrived at the right resource. Considering the tight financial situation in which you may find yourself, having just graduated, we have compiled 8 of our best tips for helping you find a place that you can call your own:

1. Get a roommate

If you find a roommate, you can divide your rental cost and save half of what you would have paid if you were living by yourself and this would go for the additional expenses like utilities, internet, and even food. Piggybacking on this, if you want to take on 3 or 4 roomers, consider a larger space. This can help you afford something larger, and possibly nicer, at a fraction of the cost.

2. Hunt when it’s slow

Winter is normally the slowest for new apartment rentals. During which time, the owners may give extra consideration when you are negotiating price.

3. Everything is up for discussion 

It doesn’t hurt to ask. If you are shopping in the winter, then you can have a good chance decreasing the price with good negotiation skills. If you can’t receive a lower rent, then see if you can request some add-ons like parking, lower fees, or waiving the application fee.

4. Look at the older apartments

Frills are nice, but when you are looking to save money, then you may have to forego some of them. With that being said, you can still have a nice apartment. You can often save money on the apartments that have older appliances, rather than the fancy touchscreen refrigerator.

5. There’s more than rent

The major consideration, by far, is the cost of rent. Which is an important factor, but it is not all there is. Consider other costs like parking, laundry, utilities, internet, etc.

6. Look at the middle floors 

A middle floor can help you save on the heating costs, as well as cooling. Hot air rises, therefore, you can experience the heat of those below you and you wouldn’t have to be too concerned about it getting too hot because of those above you will protect from the sun coming through the roof. You can keep your room a little cooler in the summer months.

7. Compare compare compare 

Take a look around your area, and don’t become too beholden to one place. If the inventory on the market (or apartment complex) is high, then the price tends to fall. Find a place you like, then shop for a complex that offers what you want, but at a lower price. A solid negotiation tactic is to not appear too desperate for a specific property. You may even be able to get a larger unit for the price of a smaller one if you do it right.

8. Go to different neighborhoods

City living is normally attractive to younger people, but it can come at a cost. People looking for apartments should look similar locations that can give them the same experience they desire, for less.

If you spend all your money on your dream apartment right out of the gate, then you won’t have any money for actually enjoying the surrounding area. It would be a greater cost, then since you won’t be enjoying your purchase.

Keep your eyes open and keep shopping and comparing. If you are patient, the best places normally turn up.