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Is renting affordable in DFW?

DFW is one of the most popular rental markets in the country. The population of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is rapidly growing, and with that comes a greater demand for apartments. According to a study by RentCafe, the average rent for an urban...

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Rents are on the rise!

According to the Dallas Morning News, apartment rents in the Dallas Fort Worth area are on the rise. In some neighborhoods, rents have increased by as much as 10 percent in the past year. While this may be good news for landlords, it can be tough for...

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The Importance of an Apartment Locator in Dallas, TX

If you're considering moving to Dallas, TX, you're probably wondering how much it will cost to rent an apartment. After all, one of the most important factors in deciding where to live is whether you can afford the rent. Well, the bad news is...

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