Ways to Light Up a Dim Room in Your Apartment

Introduction to Lighting a Dim Room in Your Apartment

We have heard it all. Everything that you are wondering about that is related to looking for, living in, leaving, and keeping your relationships running smoothly while you are a tenant as well as anything else that you are wondering about as well as those that you may have not considered yet. This week, we want to share our best tips with you on how to light up a room that isn’t prone to as much light as you currently have.

1. Use Natural Lighting in Your Apartment

This is probably the best, and cheapest, ways to get more light in your space. This should be one of the things you notice when touring apartments, before you sign on the dotted line. Look at apartments that have larger windows and maybe even glass doors. In the event that it isn’t designed in such a way that it allows the light to stream in naturally, the rest of this list is for you! One of the best (and cheapest!) sources for more light in any space is from Mother Nature!

Many apartments have blinds, shades, and others on windows that come pre-installed. If you don’t want them for the privacy and darkness that they give, then you can detach them until you leave. If you do want them for those purposes, then you can open them up during the day to let the light in.

2. Overhead Lighting in Your Apartment

You can install lighting on your ceiling or on your fan. These are the most popular in apartment rentals, but with that they are often less complimentary to the room. If you don’t like the lighting, then feel free to swap it out for one you do like. Just be sure that if you choose to do so, then familiarize yourself with how you can safely replace it or find someone who can.
Now, if you don’t have a light fixture in your rental already, then you can use a plug-in light that reaches up to the ceiling. You may have to screw it on or use some form of adhesive. If you are looking at something that requires hardwiring, then you can hire an electrician to rewire some fixtures that will allow for a plug. The prices aren’t normally too bad for this service either. But before you start messing with the wiring in your rental, be sure to bring it up with the landlord first.

3. Install Lighting in Your Cupboards in Your Apartment

If you can’t see into your bottom cabinets (or your room is still suffering with poor lighting entirely), then you can stick some lights inside of your cabinets to help you see what you put in them more easily. These are also helpful if you want to get in them in the middle of the night and don’t want to turn on all the lights.

4. Spice Up Your Apartment with Decorative Lighting

Not all lights are on the ceiling or your tabletops. You can add some floor lamps. Some can also give off softer and more adjustable lighting. You could also opt for some that stand on your end tables, if you are looking for a way to make your apartment feel more like a home. As you are shopping, consider buying some that plug in directly to the wall so, when you move, you can more easily take them with you!

5. Get Festive Lighting For Your Apartment

Our final piece of advice on this topic is to get some holiday kind of lighting. Patio lights, lanterns, and Christmas lights are a great way to not only make your rooms look more inviting, but also more cozy and, best of all, more personalized.

When you get an apartment, it is about you. This is your purchase. This is your place as long as you are renting. This is your chance to go as festive or as minimal as you want. You now have the chance to make your apartment look like the ones you have studied for years. This is a wonderful time of life – enjoy it! Keep things in balance. The best way to get the full enjoyment out of all this is when you are handling all your responsibilities so you can be freed up to enjoy these things unhindered.

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