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Our process can be explained in 5 easy steps.

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Call or Text us at 214-273-2366 or use this easy Dallas apartment search form to receive a list of apartments that meet your search criteria!

Tell Us Exactly What You Are Looking For

Our apartment locating specialists are waiting to help you find your next apartment in Dallas. When filling out our online form please be sure to give us as much information as possible so we know how to help!

Review Your Options

Our team will send you a tailored list of apartment specials. Browse through our pictures, floor plans, pricing and specials do narrow down your top choices. Text or email us any time with questions, we're here to help!

Tour Apartments & Apply

Unlike most locators, here at The Apartment Saver, we understand that our ability to save you time and make this easy sets us apart from our competition. We proactively email each property letting them know you are our client and ask them to give you the royal treatment! You do not need our permission to go tour apartments but YOU MUST WRITE "THE APARTMENT SAVER" ON ALL GUEST CARDS AND APPLICATIONS. Usually, the guest card or application will ask something along the lines of "How did you hear about us?" or "Who can we thank for referring you?". This is where you'll write our name down so that we can receive credit for our hard work!

Let Us Know

Simply text or email us when you've applied at a property. We'll reach out to the apartment to put in a good word for you and ensure you are receiving the special we've sent. Once the apartment processes your move in with us (this usually takes place 1-3 months after move-in) we will mail out a gift card as a token of our appreciation for letting The Apartment Saver represent you!


There is no catch! We are COMPLETELY FREE TO USE and will never ask for a dime from you! The apartments we've sent you pay us as your realtor, a small commission for referring you to their property. We save most clients a month or more in rent and have a fantastic list of vendors who can help save you money on other things such as cable, internet, electricity, renters insurance and more. If you think of something you need, odds are we've got it covered!

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